Light Keeper Pro Review


Pulling strings of lights out of the Christmas decorations box this December there are always some that have “gone bad.”  With the Light Keeper Pro you don't need to just toss them out for the sake of one bad bulb.  Instead of having to go through the painstaking process of swapping out all the bulbs on a string one at a time you can run the As Seen On TV Light Keeper Pro along the length of the light string and listen to the beeps.  When the beeping stops so does the circuit- and you have found your bad bulb, or socket.  If replacing the bulb doesn't do the trick the Light Keeper Pro can even fix some socket problems in just a few seconds.  And if you are not sure if that bulb you are holding is even a working bulb- there is a built-in bulb tester as well.  Watch in the video below as I use the Light Keeper Pro to track down a problem I am having with a stubborn string of Christmas lights:

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