Michel Mercier Detangling Brush Review


This As Seen On TV Detangling Brush was designed by Michel Mercier after his daughter complained about it hurting to brush her hair.

My 12-year-old hated brushing her hair because it hurt to get the tangle out. So she would let it go, it would get more tangles, and then it hurt even worse to try and brush it out. This pattern went on for years. I thought this detangling brush was probably a gimmick, but we had found no other way to get her to keep her hair brushed- neither threats nor rewards worked. To my GREAT surprise she didn't grimace when she tried out the Michel Mercier brush- and in fact said it hardly hurt at all. Now that has been using it for several months she says it is getting “stickier” and harder to pull through the hair without it hurting and so we bought a new one and it is “smooth as silk” again. We think part of its secret might be a coating on the bristles that lets it glide through the knots in the hair. Even if it only lasts six months before the coating wears off and it has to be replaced it is well worth it for us.

Watch our Michel Mercier Detangling Brush review:

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