Bitcoin Mining Guide


We decide to jump into the Bitcoin mining frenzy and order an ASIC mining machine.  After a couple weeks of research we settled on a Butterfly Labs entry level miner that does 10 GH/S.  It is affordable at $374, and more importantly- it is in stock!  Here is our video explaining our decision to start Bitcoin mining:

We finally got our Bitcoin mining hardware- we bought a Bitmain Antminer for $69 and set up a Bitcoin wallet (we decided to use CoinBase) and we joined a mining pool (we went with Eligius).  Watch our video to see how we set it all about and watch the tiny portions of Bitcoins come trickling in:

Here are the specs and pricing on the Bitcoin miner we are ordering.

Here is a good intro book to Bitcoin mining– in case our video left you feeling more confused!


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