Bosch Dishwasher Review


We review our Bosch dishwasher new in Dec 2012 and then do a 1-year follow up in Dec 2013.  When our dishwasher died we considered replacing it with the cheapest model we could find at Sears.  But after looking at the Consumer Reports ratings for dishwashers we decided to spend more for something that we hoped would last longer and would save on water and electricity use over the years we would use it.  The Bosch dishwasher models were ranked very highly by Consumer Reports, but the customer reviews weren't so flattering.  People complained about the dishes still being wet at the end of the cycle and not being as clean as with a “standard” dishwasher.  Watch our video review below to see what we thought of it when we first tried it out:

Check out the specs on the Bosch dishwasher here.

And one year later I do a video update of how the Bosch dishwasher has been working out for us:

Check out the best deals on the Bosch dishwasher here.

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