MicroTouch Switchblade Review


The As Seen On TV MicroTouch Switchblade claims to be your “everything” trimmer- from top to bottom.  All I really need it for is to replace my broken beard trimmer.  I didn't think my beard was so tough to trim but it seemed to be a challenge for the MicroTouch Switchblade.  Both ends of the As Seen On TV Switchblade have trimmers- one for ears, nose and other smaller jobs- and the big trimmer is on the other end is supposed to be able to hand beard and even capable of letting you give yourself a haircut (almost never a good idea).  So is the MicroTouch Switchblade up to the job?  Watch our video review and find out:

Check out the specs and latest pricing on the As Seen On TV MicroTouch Switchblade Here.

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