Moto G Review


Just got the Motorola Moto G smartphone for my teen as a Christmas present.  It is the perfect “teen phone” as it costs less than $200 but is powerful enough for most teens' needs.  The Moto G is like the little brother of the Moto X- Motorola's new high-end phone.  I use a Nexus 5 as my own phone and the Moto G runs at about 1/2 the speed, has half the RAM, half the memory and a smaller screen (5 inches for the Nexus 5 and 4.5 inches for the Moto G.  Watch our Moto G unboxing and setup video review here:

Check out the specs and pricing for the Moto G here.

In this video we compare the $399 Nexus 5 to the $199 Moto G:

Check ot the specs and pricing for the Motorola Moto G here.

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