World War Z Review


I went to see World War Z on opening night here in Austin.  A really good movie- somewhat different from what I was expecting, though.  Most zombie movies end up pretty campy and funny- whether the director intended them to be that way, or not.  World War Z tries to take zombies seriously- and does a pretty good job of it.  This movie follows the zombie apocalypse more like a pandemic thriller rather than a munching on body parts horror movie.

Though World War Z is not a funny movie, the funniest line was when a soldier described a scene to Brad Pitt's character where 10 soldiers tried to strap a zombie into a hospital bed but the zombie bit one of them and then “They started biting each other like a bunch of fat kids eating Kit-Kats.”  And near the end of the movie when Brad Pitt's character stops in front of a soda vending machine, gets a can of soda and casually pops the top and drinks it- pretty funny and a missed opportunity for Coke or Pepsi to have their can pop out of the machine instead of the generic one they used.

Overall it was a smart movie and one that kept the audience gasping and jumping in their seats.  Speaking of the audience- opening night on a Thursday it was mostly people 30 ~ 50 years old.  Fortunately no kids- I really think the Canadian Film Rating has this one right- for ages 14 and up.



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