NetTalk Duo WiFi Review


I have thought it would be very convenient if one of the small VOIP phone devices included wi-fi so you could easily take it with you on a trip and use it in the hotel or at your friend's place.  The NetTalk Duo WiFI is the first device I have tried that actually includes the wi-fi hardware.  I have had the MagicJack Plus for a while and when I got an email from them about the new MagicJack Plus 2014 model and they mentioned wi-fi I was very exciting.  But after receiving the device and setting it up it became apparent that is was simple “wifi-ready.”  There was no wi-fi hardware included.  The NetTalk Duo WiFi has the wi-fi chip included- but getting it work with my wi-fi network was another matter.  Watch the video below as I setup the NetTalk Duo, but not so much the WIFI:

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