Pocket Hose Ultra Review


The Pocket Hose Ultra is the new and improved version of the 2013 hit- the Pocket Hose.  The concept of the Pocket Hose was good- a lightweight, collapasible  hose the rolls up tiny and is easy to put away.  The problem in the execution was a tendency for the Pocket Hose to pop if the internal rubber hose got nicked by, for example, being pulled around the corner of a house.  It also had some issues with the plastic connectors that attach to the faucet.

Now, for 2014, the Pocket Hose Ultra is said to be tougher and stronger- 3 times stronger.  So hopefully it won't pop as readily and new plastic connectors are improved as well.  Check our video review of the Pocket Hose Ultra here:

Check out the specs and latest pricing for the As Seen On TV Pocket Hose Ultra Here.

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