Rubber Band Looms


We have tried out just about all of the popular rubber band looms- including the Rainbow Loom, Monster Tail Loom, Fun Loom, Sunshine Loom and several more.  Take a look at our loom reviews and see which loom might be the best one for you:

Our very first loom review was last year when we tried out the very popular Rainbow Loom:

Next we compared the Rainbow Loom to the cheaper As Seen On TV Fun Loom:

Then we tried out the Cra-Z-Loom  that we found at WalMart:

We then decided to spend a whole week reviewing looms- one each day.  We started with the Sunshine Loom:

On Day 2 of Loom Week we reviewed the Twist-n-Loop Loom from Five Below:

Day 3 of Loom Week we reviewed the BandaLoom:

We reviewed the Wonder Loom on day 4 of loom week:

On Friday we reviewed the DIY Loom Bands- still not sure if it was identical to the Royal Loom:

In our Loom Week finale we compared all the looms and picked our personal favorite looms:

Then a few months later the people who created the Rainbow Loom released a new model called the Monster Tail Loom:

Next, the ever inventive folks at Rainbow Loom released a new and improved looming hook- the Metal Hook:

On an Easter trip we compared the Rainbow Loom and the Monster Tail Loom for portability and ease of use in a car:

Soon after that there was a new version of the Rainbow Loom available- it came with the metal hook and a new mini-loom:

Not to be outdone the creators of the Cra-Z-Loom came out with the Super Cra-Z-Loom with six pegs across:


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