Saigon Checkpoint Memoir Review


Saigon Checkpoint Memoir Kindle Book Review

The Armed Forces Radio Station (AFRS) in Saigon in 1964/65 was the setting, many years later, for the Robin Williams movie, Good Morning, Vietnam.  The character Robin Williams portrayed arrived at AFRS the year after the author of this memoir.  1964/65 was the tipping point when American involvement in Viet Nam changed from a few thousand advisors and trainers attached to the South Viet Nam military to full-on combat operations that brought hundreds of thousands of American servicemen and women into the country.

      This is a factual memoir of service at AFRS during that transitional period.  The actualities of the time  —  the Brink Hotel bombing on Christmas Eve that put AFRS out of business for a few hours, the Catholic-Buddhist conflict that engulfed Saigon for days, an attempted coup by a rebellious general, and other events  — don’t need the Hollywood  embellishments of the Robin Williams movie to be dramatic and compelling.  This is how it really was.
Author: Kingsley Woodhead
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